Microfiction: Advice From A Trickster

He sat cross-legged in his chair and peered over his glasses with tired eyes.

“You rang?” he said, sounding like he might laugh any second.

“I’m told you can help me with something?” the merchant said, taking a step forward.

“Oh sure, I can.”


“But will I?”

“Oh.” The merchant stopped for a moment. “Might you?”

“I might.” And he stuck out his tongue and tilted his head. “Why not try again?”

Won’t you help me?”

And with that, he uncrossed his legs and smirked. “I will help, yes. What do you need?”


“Is the choice between only two things?” he said and seemed to be saying more than that.

“Yeah, it is. It’s this whole thing. I don’t know what to do. Should I pick the one that makes me—”

He waved out his hand. “Oh, it doesn’t matter what it is—I can help.”

And he clicked his fingers and suddenly had a coin between them. He spun it gently on one finger; it was glinting with light that wasn’t cast by anything.

“That one you almost said, that’s heads, okay?”

And before the merchant could answer, the coin was up, dancing through the air.

And the strange being caught it on the back of his hand, but covered it before the merchant could see the result.

“Now, what do you think it is?”


“Ah, I see,” he said, “then you already made the choice, yeah?”

Special thanks to: Melissa Potter

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