You Need Only Look

If you’re a writer in need of some story ideas, or a new creative that is interested in coming up with an idea for your first creation, or even someone experiencing some kind of block—though I’m not one to believe in writer’s block—then the advice I give is simple, the way forward is not complicated.


Most people don’t see, they peer blindly at things; they pass along past, they automatically navigate through the usual stimuli—but there is a benefit in taking a second to look closer, to see the shaving marks on the tollbooth keepers face, to wonder what caused the slight crease in the frosting on a coffee shop cupcake.

Imagination needs fuel, something to make magical, or scientific, or horrific. So, take a moment, and wonder about what something is and why it is that way. See the impossible and then make it real on paper. It’s not hard—it’s something we all know how to do; we have since we were little kids.

Some people just lost the ability to perceive and mold dreams so they overlap with reality. Most people have a spark of artistry in them—and can regain it by simply seeing what’s around them, and how it could be. A painter can capture a moment and make it more. So can a photographer. We writers can formulate a tale from a simple scene.

I’m all for computer screens—I love technology—but taking a walk outside every day, or as often as weather permits, makes sure that I get a place where I can think. A wide-open sky and a world alive do wonders for you. It can do amazing things for problem-solving and stress and creative slumps.

Seriously, give it a try.

Our planet is absolutely bursting with stories and characters. Take the best of it, what sings to your soul, strain it through your perspective, and tell the world what you saw, but made as new and as wild as you please.

Special thanks to: Melissa Potter

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