My New YouTube Project

I’ve been watching Youtube for a very long time. And I don’t mean that as how one might say “I watch Netflix”—this is not a hobby or a downtime thing. When I am doing something like cleaning, cooking, laundry, I have it playing in the background—I have a constant stream when I am doing something that doesn’t need my full attention.

It’s at the point that, on a chore day, or a day where I need to cook a shit-ton, I look at a 4-hour video as something that won’t last me even the length of that day.

I don’t watch television much, nor listen to music all that often. This is the background sound of my life.

And, since I love Magic—like a lot—I wanted to make something on YouTube about it. I wanted to create content like the people I watch. To enter the conversation, however minimally.

And making videos has been a learning experience, and we shall see how long I can keep up a video production pace like this, but I’m currently committing to 4 videos a week of Magic gameplay.

Turns out being entertaining for 20-40 minutes at a time isn’t that easy. I hate when streams or such have dead air, so I try to keep a nice even chatter as I play. I’ve watched enough of this stuff to know what I don’t like, so, hopefully, I can bring something worthwhile to the medium.

Now, why am I doing this—why did I pick this time to start? Well, I was not doing enough before. Really, I wasn’t. I felt lazy—that’s what that last life article was in response to—and this is a big, interesting project to push me to make more.

And, if you, dear reader, happen to like Magic: The Gathering content, then I’d appreciated a view, a like, a subscription—but, of course, only if you actually like my stuff.

Like this blog, like writing books, like playing Magic, it’s something I’d be doing even if no one else cared about it.

Special thanks to: Melissa Potter

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3 thoughts on “My New YouTube Project

  1. Hi, Tried to follow your video but since I don’t play the game it went too fast for me. Is it intended for expert players? Grandpa


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