Busy Is Better

Look, I like being able to just chill, too, but, trust me when I tell you this, and it may go against a lot of the thinking people seem to have: but being busy, having a lot to do…is a good thing.

I recently, like within the last week or two, tried to double my projects; I drastically increased the number of items on my daily checklist, and, against all the usual “logic” on the matter, want to know what happened?

I got more done. Like, I got the stuff I was doing done, plus the new stuff. Nothing particularly changed in my efficiency, at least in a way that I noticed, but, lo-and-behold, I am mostly on top of my shit, at least for now.

Sometimes, every so often, I write an article for the purpose of myself reading it later. This blog functions a little like a public journal, diary, or personal guide for me, that maybe helps other people. So, this is advice for me and everyone else who cares to read this: do more. Be more.

If you feel like you’re overwhelmed—instead of cutting things out of your life—try to get yourself a few more activities in need of doing. It’s better to forget a few of many tasks, then be unwilling to deal with life’s needs. Trust me on this: you can do more than you do, and you can do it without losing what you already do.

We all have so many projects and plans; I’d prefer to get them done.

Special thanks to: Melissa Potter

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