You Can Buy Potatoes for How Much?!

I tend to not get too political here on my blog, but, after a random trip to the grocery store, I came upon something a little shocking, and I wanted to get a rant in on it.

Mashed potatoes are too cheap.

I was looking at shelves of little, pre-made things of mashed potatoes, of flavored varieties, and then I saw a box for $2.

It makes 36 servings.

36 fucking servings.

That’s insane. That’s ludicrous.

Like, I once mentioned in a post how economics makes eating healthy harder than it should be—but, now that I moved out of my parent’s house with my girlfriend, I had no earthly idea.

My god, like, a single steak…for the price of a single cheap steak, I can get literal pounds of carbohydrates. Rice I can buy by the bag and barely blink.

In Florida, by unit price, inorganic eggs are cheaper than bottled filtered water. Like, a single egg, an entire serving for some people, is less than a bottle of something that you need to live.

I don’t want to know how cheaply the company selling the product produces it to cut a profit from that. I do not even want to know.

People who have weight issues, people who have health issues, people who are in any level of poverty, it’s not, by any stretch, entirely your fault that you are unable to do certain diets or lose weight like some people. For annoying reasons, our countries food chains and suppliers have decided that eating like our bodies are made to do is more expensive than eating food assembled on a conveyor belt.

I know processing food is the only reason that modern society can support the population we do, and that starvation is likely the alternative to the shortcut of chemicals and mass-produce-foodstuff, but, it’s still infuriating, it’s still shocking to see it in everyday life, no matter how often I’ve heard about it as an issue before.

So, yes, I did buy the potatoes—but I wasn’t exactly happy about it. The fact they tasted awesome is also galling.

Special thanks to: Melissa Potter

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