Poem: Mind Mental Mildew

Think of a word,



Who are you?

What’s the word?

Was it…?


Did it rhyme?

Did the word that you thought of—


Scheming little rat.

Little toy hat.

Crush under the foot,


Blood tastes like ash—


Always a way further down.

Dreaming darkness,

Pain abounds.

Where did everyone go?

Are you still reading?

Did you forget to watch the show?

The one were we take the child,

Raised on raw,

Made wild,

And take it to the cage where we keep our men,

Who wants to go home?

But never will again.

Destroy the world,

Why not end that for Satan?

What’s the point of that word you thought of—

If you can’t even remember it now?

Special thanks to: Melissa Potter

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