The Playlist!

I write, work, and run to the tune of music. It’s one of the few things that keeps my mind sharp. It helps spurn me forward. But, I can’t just listen to any song, I’m quite picky.

Thus, The Playlist. A list of songs that’s been curated over literal years, and basically the only thing I listen to anymore. A song may be so lucky as to be added to it every month or so.

And boy is it eclectic.

It goes into every genre, every style, every tempo, and pulse. Rock, pop, punk and even some rap. I didn’t make a series of themed playlists; I made a soup. The most important aspect to a song, at least for me, is the beat. Lately, the thing I need most out of my songs is the ability to keep me pumped up and going even when I’m exhausted.

The faster the better. The closer to the same rush as caffeine, all the greater.

I know that music is an art form, and some songs I enjoy explicitly for that fact. Some songs are glorious and beautiful and soul-rending. I adore lounge music; the type of tunes meant to sit and sip a drink too—but that’s not the tune I need when I’m writing.

I need octane in auditory form.

Special thanks to: Melissa Potter

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