The Strangest Places

If I had to state a goal about adventures, it would be to end up in the strangest of places. I like, nay, love, ending up in locations or scenarios that are absurd and strange. I’m pretty sure I arrange them to happen subconsciously.

When I was younger, I decided I never wanted a normal schedule or to be hit by too thick a routine. This was partly because of my contrarian and chaotic personal nature—but it also was so my schedule is free enough for adventures. To go off and try things. To stay up late.

And to help others when they need it.

Life, in all its facets, is quite the adventure by default, but those quests for hard-to-find objects, those near-miss disasters where you just make it on time, and those mad scrambles to solve a problem only with what tools you have—I love it.

I live a pretty “small” lifestyle of working in one room—the same I usually sleep in—and existing more like a digital creature. But, occasionally, once in a blissful day, I am called upon to play a high game of adventure, and I relish those times.

I love my job, and I chose to quietly sit and work on my own hours, my own time, but, then, then I might go on an adventure, see something new, and bring back that energy for my work, for my art, and for my soul.

People are different in the strangest places. So am I—and sometimes I like being him quite a bit.

Special thanks to: Melissa Potter

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