Uh, Guys, Don’t Overdo It

So, hey, I imagine a lot of people reading this are creative types. Makers of things and dreamers of dreams. And you all are awesome, but, if you’re anything like me, then you might be neglecting some stuff.

Let me say upfront, I’m an entrepreneur. A freelance worker. A person who runs from mostly one room a shit-ton of different projects and businesses. So, I say this with the utmost understanding: please remember to eat, yeah?

Get some sleep, too, if you can, yeah? I don’t know you, but I imagine you’re a good person, and the world needs more good people. This money-based, time-ruled, dare I use the cliché: rat race, might make us all feel like we don’t, ever, have time for upkeep on life stuff—but you can’t neglect your body.

When time is the most desperate resource, you can look at stuff like showering, eating, sleeping, drinking, or even just stopping for a second as such a waste of time that it would be a crime to do so. Or, at least, it seems like the only way to get ahold of the bucking bull of modern society is to do so with every iota of energy that can be squeezed from your form.

But concentration is tied to not treating your body like shit. Your body wants you to do things like sleep because it needs it to not die.

I don’t necessarily have a real solution for how to get a handle on tasks and stresses—if I did, I’d probably be writing it in some book—but the solution is not to cut down on the stuff that literally keeps you from dropping dead on the spot.

The body will always get its due. Don’t sleep for a while? Good luck dealing with your body shutting down for fourteen straight hours and waking up feeling like a piece of crap. Ain’t exactly good for weight loss when you eat 1500 calories in one meal because you thought eating was a waste of time for most of that day.

Now, of course, in extreme crunch time, there are situations where you do need to sacrifice stuff, ignore the scream inside to rest—but you can’t keep it up forever. You’ve got to give your body a break. When your young, it might be fine for a very long time—but ask an elderly person if they feel like they can pull caffeine-fueled all-nighters.

Your body’s a tool, yeah. And a carrying mechanism for your brain. A weapon and a shield and a vehicle. It can be pushed damn far—but, just, like, take a nap sometime, guys. Eat a salad; lettuce is cheap.

Look, I don’t believe in standard bedtimes or mealtimes. When you do this stuff doesn’t have to matter so much. But you still got to eat a decent amount of protein and fiber and nutrients and get some amount of sleep.

Just…it’s not worth it not to, okay?

It really does affect everything else.

Special thanks to: Collin Pearman. 

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