Poem: Rock Star

Among these darkness fields weary,

Looking skyward,

Feeling life bleary,

Trudging alone hopeless liars,

Telling themselves that they too are fliers,

Angel wings beat at heel turns,

Friends leaving,

Trust no one—lesson learned,

Beat at carnage ‘til it’s true,

Make their faces like the pain inside of you,

You gave them time,

You gave them sweat,

And all you get,

Is that fiery chest regret,

Out in nighttime,

You walk these lanes,

No truck lights,

Consciousness waned,

For a dream, you killed a soul,

For a man with money—

You gave up real rock-n-roll,

For a gram of release,

You sold your lease,

Hitchhike home now,

That’s the option,

But sad to say,

Home is forgotten.

Special thanks to: Collin Pearman. 

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