Microfiction: Hope

Hope floated over her and wished that she could just tell her. Wished she could manifest and regale her with all the new things that would happen. All the beauty and joy.

But, there Karen was, for now, crying in a shopping center. Hiding in the changing room with no interest in putting on the swimsuit that she had taken from the racks. Trying to not make too much sound even as her heart broke at the seams and into so many pieces.

She’d got that text, that break up, and it had sunk in just as she had gone into the room.

Hope stayed there, over her.

Seeing the future and wanting to just show her it.

But the rules were there for a reason.

Hope had to leave Karen to work it out for herself. To conquer her own mind. She had to make the decision to move on and really mean it, and then Hope could come back and whisper to her again.

Some others, when Hope had been waiting, never got to that point. They faded. Died. Gave up. And Despair, her sister, would take them down to where she always took everyone when she could.

But Hope believed in Karen. Hope felt it in her ethereal form that Karen was strong enough to overcome and open herself up to Hope, at least one more time.

Her future could be bright.

But it would take a little more work.

Special thanks to: Bob GerkinCollin PearmanDylan AlexanderJerry Banfield, and Michael The Comic Nerd. 

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