Flash Fiction: Cut And Stabbed

Knife into the chest.


“What does it feel like?” she asked, stepping into the stab. Pushing into her husband harder and harder.

She grinned.

“How does what feel?” he asked, his eyes growing darker.

“Do you understand what you did to me?” she asked.

He only nodded once. Then dropped to the ground, landing there in a pile of himself. She looked over the ten of her husbands, examining the way his mouth opened wide and yet did not move or shudder with breath. Each of her husbands had bled out long ago, and now the floor had a new slick of red.

“That is for not putting the pot roast in when I asked you, asshole,” she said.

After a long breath, she turned to the small device the gypsy had given her and pressed her finger into the small concave part. With a click, it snapped down on her finger, drew a bit of blood, and then opened back up to let the magic go into the world.

Over time, it had grown a bit duller seeing new life formed in sped-up time. But it was still an impressive sight. Her husband constructed from a mass of blood and muscles. It poured into the room from a hole in the ceiling that likely led to some other dimension—going off the strange screaming coming from within—and then a new husband would slowly rise as a meaty lump.

Once it was standing, it would shift and bubble with growing hair. Eyes popping into the sockets came next. Clothing was one of the final parts.

Then, at the crescendo, would come the flash of vision: that look in his eyes when he finally came alive. Her husband would recall, through seconds, all of it. Hundreds of memories popping into the new version of his head. It was not yet enough to make him into an independent being though, not without about a week of gestation.

But, petty revenge mattered more than that.

“Hi honey,” she said, and he looked at her. He had that goofy smile, and that was right when she speared him in the heart yet again.

She was likely going to get bored with this eventually. But, for the moment, she had the rest of the afternoon free.

She did, however, somewhat dread the paperwork for the life insurance.

Special thanks to: Bob GerkinCollin PearmanDylan AlexanderJerry Banfield, and Michael The Comic Nerd. 

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