Raw Writing

I promise I don’t mean this as a brag—that’s not my intention. It’s a simple symptom, byproduct, a side effect of something that a lot of writers strive to do—and, if you embark on your writing journey a certain way, you’re going to hit this too, and you should be aware of the potentiality of it. Continue reading


Okay, Pokemon Go

Let it never be said I am not one to get on a Hype Train. Because, well, I did grow up with Pokémon in my heart, and now the idea of catching some in the wild appeals to me way too much to not do so.

I lasted a while. I went a whole five days or so before I began playing. But now, like everyone in the world it seems: I’m a Pokémon fucking Trainor. Continue reading

Flash Fiction: Complicated And Nuanced

Nobody ever said creating art was easy.

A flash fiction called:

Complicated And Nuanced

“AHHHH!” the man screamed at the empty sheet of paper, making it move in a slight, wavering fashion on the mahogany wood table.

He reared back, his face taking on a bluish tinge, and he breathed in and out. The man sounded, vaguely, like a squeaky toy caught underneath a car’s tire. Continue reading

5 Gift Ideas For Writers

Are you a writer trying to think about what you want for the holidays? Do you have a special writer in your life? Do you want a humorous holiday-themed article to read?

Then I’ve got you covered. And though the writer’s “Holiday Wish List” is not exactly a unique article idea, I thought I’d put my own spin on things.

So, let’s begin.

  • Books (Duh)

Writers like books. All of us. Okay, most of us. But I don’t trust those guys. And we are always searching for new books, even if it’s just for our shelves. Not sure what specific books they want? Just ask. Chances are they will have a long list.

  •  Themed Mugs

In addition to books, writers tend to like coffee. Correction: need coffee. And for those that don’t: tea. So it makes sense to give them a literary-minded way to drink it. The words on the mug should preferably be witty. So that the writer gets a good bit of amusement and inspiration when they start their day. Continue reading

The Top Five Websites to Read (when you really should be writing)

The life of a writer is complex; to survive it, you need just the right mind for the job. Able to deal with all sorts of things that other jobs/hobbies/purposes of existence, simply do not need to. There is a reason why people think writers are crazy. Just a sampling of what we deal with includes:

  • Staring at a screen for an obscene amount of time, waiting for a single sentence to sound proper.
  • Trying to ignore characters voices when we are not actively writing about them.
  • Hand cramps, the likes of which the porn industry wishes it could invoke.
  • Crippling fear of failure. (“Oh god I have to work at McDonalds now”)
  • Crippling fear of success. (Success means live-readings, which by extension, means crowds)
  • The villains in your nightmares suddenly becoming people you invented. On purpose!
  • Getting bored of that one music playlists that you can listen to while writing.
  • The looming knowledge that computers might become advanced enough to make the written word obsolete.

Continue reading