Something Cheesy About Love And Stuff

Valentine’s Day fast approaches and this is my first one where I have a girlfriend. Needless to say, it’s exciting. And, while for her privacy, and mine, I’m not going to talk much about my personal relationship—except that it’s going well, and I love her so much—I figured I’d do a little ruminating. Continue reading


Valentine’s Day Flash Fiction: It’s Kind Of Awkward

Let it be said that I do not always do stories which are all doom and gloom. This one is, shocker, a pure romance story. Served to you a couple of days before the day of couples, Valentine’s Day.

I hope you enjoy this tale. It’s called:

It’s Kind Of Awkward

The thing about her was that I knew. I did not think I could know. It was astonishing.  Flabbergasting to even comprehend that such a person could exist.

But, there she was. Standing there, and looking around with big eyes, and I just…melted. A little ball of wax in my heart moved to liquid. A slow thing gliding down my chest. Continue reading

Flash Fiction: Chocolates On Valentine’s Day

In honor of the holiday, a story meant for those of us without a “standard” Valentine’s day to enjoy.

It’s called:

Chocolates On Valentine’s Day

She broke my heart earlier today, with a soft push to get past me, and a look of severe discomfort. This woman, the one I looked at for so long, the first person to ever let me have the strength to be this brave, shattered me.

The way only a person I care for can. Continue reading