Broke My Toe

This is honestly old news but because I didn’t keep up with my posting schedule—and I’m still kind of scrambling, sorry about that—I neglected to tell you how I broke my toe.

Basically, and this was not as painful as it sounds, I had my toe catch on the edge of something and I kept walking… and the toe tried to stay behind.

I’m betting you catch my drift.

So, as you can imagine, I had to do some stuff to care for it, and that’s where this is interesting. Turns out, taping one’s toe is a different sort of experience. I’m sure, generally, most people don’t pay the most attention to how their toes move when they walk—but taping them highlights it a lot. Like this was my baby toe, the least active one, and I still felt off balance and would limp just the smallest bit as I got used to the motion. The “toe tape” could be quite tight but would still keep trying to slide off when I needed to go up or down inclines.

Now, obviously, it could have been worse. It didn’t stop my daily walks, or negatively affect my ability to travel, but I will certainly need to pay more attention to where I step, and where I walk. I’d very much prefer to not snap my toe like that again.

Special thanks to: Melissa Potter

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2 thoughts on “Broke My Toe

  1. Sorry about the toe. I’ve broken two toes, thank goodness not at the same time. But I wasn’t able to get a shoe on, let alone keep up with walking for exercise. Glad it’s now healed and you’re back to normal. I notice I’m more careful where I step now, too.

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