What I’ve Been Up To For The Last Few Weeks

Sorry about how late this article is. I try to get them up in the morning, so my readers can see them, but this one is very overdue.

But this time I have an excuse!

And it’s an excuse in the form of another book!

For those that did not read my recent post, I wrote a book in nine days. Well, now I’ve published that book in about 20 days. Because of my irregular sleep patterns, I’m not sure if it is 20 or 21 days—but that’s not the point, is it?

No, the point is this: NEW BOOK!

I wrote this one as a direct continuation of my last book. It’s a more advanced guide for anyone who is already well past the “write a book” stage but hasn’t mastered the high-volume level of writing that modern authorship requires.

I’m planning on releasing a third one at some point, but, for now, behold my new cover!

For those that are interested in just how the heck I write as much as I do—and publish as fast as I do—this book contains a lot of tips and concepts I’ve not written anywhere else. It goes over some stuff I’ve learned while writing like a madman for the past three years.

Pick up a copy! By the time you’re reading this, it should be available in paperback—and if it’s not, it will be within a day or two.


Special thanks to: Melissa Potter

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