I Wrote A Book in About 9 Days

I need to curb some excitement right off the bat because there are a lot of caveats to this. I did, yes, write a book in about 9 days, but there’s more to it than that.

So, first off, for those curious, I wrote the next book in what I am tentatively calling the “Actually Author Series.” They are my nonfiction books about the art of writing books and how to do it quickly.

But what are those caveats? Well, it’s a short book—under 20k words—and is nonfiction. That matters because I didn’t have to worry about plot holes or character motivations or any of that. I’m just talking about how to write books, which is something I can talk about verbally for hours.

So that made it a lot easier.

The other thing is, like the last book, I got to pull some articles I’ve written about writing and publishing from here and put them into the book. That saved me a ton of time.

But, even still, with all that as lessening agents, I did write 3k words in one sitting several times. Once I wrote over 4k in one day. That was toward the end of the project.

I said that I would try to publish faster. This is me making a go at it.  I listened to some rock and pop music and sat there typing my heart out for several hours at a time.

Frankly, I can barely recall the actual action of it. It’s a little of a blur.

But expect the book out soon. Like in two weeks. I’m already into the editing process for it.

I may as well keep up the pace. I got this far at a blazing clip.

Special thanks to: Melissa Potter

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