Stuff You Need When You Move

I’ve moved a lot. My family has moved a lot. Not necessarily from one state to another, but we’ve hopped around cities, and towns, and even in the same town. I’m not used to living in the same house for very long and I’ve gotten a lot of practice at packing up fast and doing it efficiently.

And, so, it is with this experience that I am now, in no particular order, telling you some basic items that every time you move it’s helpful to get more of or make sure you have an ample supply.

Pens and paper:

More than one pen. You will lose pens. Pens and paper are, like, the cheapest consumer product on the planet, and, yes, I know you can note stuff down in your phone, but it’s enormously helpful to be able to leave notes on things, or jot down information in a place that’s easy to come across.

Water Filter:

When you’re first moving into a house or setting up any living space, you’re bound to get thirsty and be in a situation where you don’t quite have groceries. My point is you’ll forget to buy water, or run out of drinking water, especially if you’re operating on mostly pizza for a while—so just be prepared. Tap water in certain states sucks, so don’t rely on it.

Scissors And Can Openers:

As above, you might be living off microwave food for the first part of the moving process. That’s understandable, but make sure you can open packaged foods. Using a knife to cut open a plastic container is both inefficient and slightly dangerous.


I mean, most houses come with one—but imagine (but not too vividly) what might happen if you were to not have one when you really needed one?

Batteries and Extra Phone Chargers:

During the process of moving, electronics may die. Bring with you a way to charge your phone, especially if you’re going to be bouncing back and forth between two locations and surrounding yourself with big heavy objects. This is both in the case of emergencies, and just so you can keep playing music and not get very bored while unpacking.

Now you may be asking, do I really need all these things? Yes, yes you do. Get these items so moving doesn’t need to be even more stressful than it already is.

Special thanks to: Melissa Potter

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