Cooking New Things

Recent events have me cooking for about five people—and it’s been an adventure it creating quantity, and in seeing just how many dishes need cleaning at any given time. But it has given me an excuse to go wild with trying new recipes.

And the results have been kind of wonderful. I already knew I liked cooking, but it turns out I enjoy making sauces, and frying things, and slow cooking things, and using the oven—just all of it.

We live in an age where I can find a substitute for any ingredient, and a recipe for anything I’ve gotten at a restaurant—and that power is rather amazing. In just a few weeks I’ve made Chinese orange chicken, Marsala sauce, stews, chilis, and casseroles. Now, I literally just think of a food I’d like to eat, and then learn how to make it. I never knew I was this big of a foody, but now that I can make anything I want—I can make anything I want.

While I like eating out as much as the next guy, I cannot state how useful being able to cook a lot of different things really is. The skill doesn’t fade, either. Sure, I’m not as deft with a spatula as when I was cooking steaks all the time, but I still know how to make a lot of foods, how to eyeball quantity, and what flavors taste good when added to stuff.

For those that are reading this and haven’t yet learned how to cook: I hope that me saying this helps convince you of the merits of learning. It’s a lie that free food tastes better. What tastes best is when you can control every aspect of your food. No one is going to make something you like more than yourself.

Special thanks to: Melissa Potter

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