Gift Giving Is Never Easy

I pride myself on my ability to think up and give people meaningful gifts for the holidays. I celebrate Christmas, personally, and, ever since I made enough money to do so, I’ve been getting something for people.

The only problem is this year, especially this year, I am so swamped with other tasks that I haven’t gotten or planned a gift for anyone yet. I have a single week to figure it out, and I recently moved into a different house again, so me and my girlfriend’s room is in such a state of chaos that I can’t even feasibly hide presents in here.

It’s a bit of a panicky rush if I’m being honest. I want to make as many of my friends and family members as happy as possible—but I need to be clever about it. Everyone I know is just kind of in a state of busy lately and haven’t much expressed things they want—so it’s guesswork as to what to get them.

And, because I don’t drive—I need to order all this stuff online and have it shipped here in time.

Wish me luck, dear readers.

Special thanks to: Melissa Potter

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