Poem: Hand Fizz

It’s a sensation,

We all know,

The little hum in our skin,

Then weirdness of failed blood flow,

A bit of us made to sleep,

When limbs given not enough air,

They go pins and needles,

A weirdness in our cells,

From not moving right,

A disconnect from our exact nerves,

And yet motion totally fine.

Bang a sleeping foot,

Against the concrete hard,

And maybe it will awaken,

But hurt so much to get there.

I’m sure I could find,

Giving it a look,

The reason limbs fall asleep,

I’m sure there’s an answer in some book,

But in the meantime,

The tingle strikes,

At my wrist,

At my hand,

And makes me not sure what to do,

Except wait for it to get up and go.

Special thanks to: Melissa Potter

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