Adulting and Related Adventures

When I last checked in with everyone here, I was moving out and having my life upheaved. I’d like to say it’s not still in that state of general madness and chaos—but that would be a dirty, dirty lie.

Turns out, shock of all shocks, moving out and acting as an adult is a lot more to think about than I could predict—and I knew going in it was going to be difficult.

I’m in a really good situation here, honestly, and it could be a lot worse—but I guess the thing, and I’m sure some can relate, is that there are so many little actions that you just kind of don’t think of when someone else is usually handling it.

I already did chores, and cooked, and did laundry and stuff, but when there’s no one else cleaning up for you—then it just stays unclean until it’s handled. It’s subtle, but it compounds.

And the other big change is the logistics. Just the general random things you end up doing for yourself or buying for yourself. Toothpaste is one that blindsided me: simply because kids just don’t think about that being a thing that needs buying.

And I can feel the adults, the far along in life, nodding or chuckling, because I’m showing how much a kid I am—and boy am I, it seems—but it also suddenly makes those even less experienced than me feel so young. So very fucking young.

That feeling may also have something to do with me turning 24 soon.

So, happy birthday to ancient me.

Special thanks to: Melissa Potter

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