Poem: No Internet

You don’t realize,

How much you need it,

Until the internet goes out—

And won’t come back,

No matter what you try.

Everything turns off—

Everything stops.

Not a drop.

Not a lick.

Internet makes the world slick,

And now it’s dry,


And difficult.

The room becomes just a room,

And the world shrinks.


You might be craving simple times,

And days before the social media,

But it’s necessary now,

A piece of life,

The internet is all-encompassing,

And it going out—

It falls away,

Makes for some seriously sucky days.

You may not hold the internet dear—

But never let its power leave your fears,

Because it’s never going to leave this planet,

Not in this technological wonderland,

Not here.

Special thanks to: Collin Pearman. 

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