Horror Can Be Fun

High-minded aspirations and delusions of grandeur and self-importance related to art and culture and all aside, I like horror because I like horror. Yeah, I have done posts about how darkness challenges me, how I like to test my limits, but, there’s more to it—even if it is basal in nature.

Horror is fun.

Scaring people, making people shudder, it’s fun.

Like, I’m a little at a loss as to why, but, I guess, if I must self-reflect for the sake of content, I’d say it’s a power play. A moment of control. I’m a nerdy, not super-fit dude. In any situation, I’m not the most physically strong person in the room.

I don’t get to be the manly one in most situations.

But, hey, I can make a person much bigger than I shudder. I can make someone afraid of me, even if I’m harmless and not fond of even touching most people. With some effort, with some work, I can unsettle someone.

And that’s fun for me.

Like, immensely fun.

It’s the same reason I enjoy befuddling people with my eccentricities and odd habits. The game is up when someone no longer reacts to my antics and treats me and my actions as just a new normal for them.

I mean, it’s nice to be accepted, and I like that my friends just go along with what I do at this point—but it’s hilarious to topple people’s routines and make them question what they assume makes sense.

People get so set, and I think that could use more twisting. Perhaps for their own good.

And horror lets me do that.

In a few moments of well-done horror, you bypass all the logical parts of a person and say, “hey, demons exist, as do massive uncaring beings and sinister conspiracies. You are not as safe as you think, and the world is madness and chaos and there’s nothing you can do about it.”

And, so long as you successfully bring someone back from that, it’s a rush—ain’t it?

Horror serves a bunch of functions. It makes people appreciate the safety they do have, it pumps up adrenaline, and, well, I feel like a lot of people on their first date appreciate the power of horror.

And it’s my honor to do that to people.

I get to be twisted. I get to shake things up and rip them apart. Making something scary is inherently deconstructive and I think I’ve covered how much I like doing that.

I’m the sort of dude who will cackle in an evil laugh.

And I get my kicks even when it’s not Halloween.

Special thanks to: Bob GerkinCollin PearmanDylan AlexanderJerry Banfield, and Michael The Comic Nerd. 

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