Flash Fiction: Mood Swings

Ever since James tried to quit using the patch, he’s been having mood swings. I noticed, everyone notices—but we were too polite to point it out to him, and for that, we are probably not nice people. Despite us doing it to be nice, ostensibly.

But you can tell, you can really tell. He’ll walk into our classrooms, and he’ll look all, you know, happy and stuff—has on his yellow mask. Big cheery face with a smile and wide eyes and a sharp chin. But, then, and oh is it fast, he’ll see something else, some minor thing upsets him, and the red mask whips out of his pouch, my God.

And he’ll grumble, that’s the worst part. I mean, I’m usually a content blue or a yellow joy mask myself. Sure, I’ll break out my black or gray when something nasty happened in the news for a little while, but that’s more for respect than my actual emotional state.

But, man, James pulls it out like he’s been itching. Like he wakes up and stares at it and thinks “yeah, for sure, today I am going to go and wear my red mask, and my dark blue, and throw my orange mask in everyone’s faces.”

And I am sick of it. I’m not the only one either. We’re not putting up with it anymore. The rest of us, they’re coming by soon, and we are going to get him for this. I’m not sure how yet—but he’s such a terror and an annoyance. He can’t go making us all feel red masked all the time; my hair looks terrible when I have it on, and I spend way too much on my hair to make it look terrible just for freaking James Turner.

The only issue is I know the guys and gals I’m inviting, and if they are anything like they usually are, they’ll want to Unmask him, and that’s so way out of line. The things that happen to Unmasked, ugh. I don’t hate him, I’m just annoyed with him. Like, I can’t imagine not having any face anymore—no, we’ll, like, graffiti his locker or something.

That’s what I’ll propose, once the rest of the upperclassmen get here, and once I’ve gotten everyone to put on their purple masks and get to thinking.

I heard the first doorbell, so I should go get that. Thanks for listening. I like the mask you’ve got on; those retro ones are so detailed. I can’t imagine having one that blinks and simulates talking. They must be so heavy to carry around.

You can stay if you want; up to you. I’m sure you’ve got business somewhere. Thanks again, though.

I’ll be sure to put on my golden mask next time I see you.

Special thanks to: Bob GerkinCollin PearmanDylan AlexanderJerry Banfield, and Michael The Comic Nerd. 

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