WHO AM I?! Well, Let Me Tell You.

Hey, so, you are reading this? I mean, cool. Hi. But, like, I mean, how’s it going? I have a page that’s about me—but that’s not a blog post. So—yeah, here’s this too. I’m writing it a little more like how I speak when I am in person.

As you can see, it’s a little meandering. Yet clipped. Sometimes. I talk fast, but occasionally I must stop to think through the next like two things I will say. I’m good at anticipating broad reactions to things in people. If I get to know you. But, terrible at the small stuff. I’ve lost all concept of what is and is not too dark a joke for people. I can freak people out sometimes.

But, like, I’m a writer, you know, so I’m allowed to be a bit weird. But, again, “Hi!” Let me tell you about me. In a more personal way.

My name’s Brandon Scott. I’m not what you would call an old pro at writing, but I do have a few years under my belt. Been doing a ton, for the short time I have been doing things.

I’m prolific. It’s the right word for it.

Sometimes, I like to imagine myself in terms of a character profile. You know the ones. The kind some authors use for characters. I’m not big on those when I’m writing, I find that just writing the damn thing and then rewriting a lot will do the job, but, eh, c’est la vie.

Oh, yeah, that’s a thing I do in my real speech. Like America, I’m always taking everyone’s cultural stuff. I use British slang like “bugger,” and will use offhand Latin and Spanish and French phrases. I’m also fond of talking in this gibberish I’ve gotten to sound like a real foreign language to the point I can mess with people.

But, back to my point, if I did give myself a sheet of description, like the character-building exercise, I would go ahead and rattle off the obvious: I’m a chatty-when-I’m-not-super-quiet white cisgender male. Average American height and average build and I wear glasses, not contacts. I wear average clothes (jeans and plain tee-shirts), My one stylistic eccentricity is I am always wearing a jacket regardless of temperature. The only other thing notable about me physically is that I’m told my hair is nice and my eyes are quite blue.

I don’t mean that as an ego thing, with the hair. It’s like a defining thing about me some people notice. Since I’m somewhat standard looking in other ways—which, by the way, has its uses: it’s way easier to observe stuff for writing purposes when no one watches you in a crowd—my hair jumps out to some people. Some people even like to touch my hair. I’ll allow this more than I should.

Perhaps, if I was to define myself further, it would be that I’m kind of just…busy. I am always busy. A little spacey sometimes because of that. Even when I don’t seem like I’m busy, I’m busy. I could always be doing something—even when I’m relaxing. I am a copywriter, author, blogger, editor, reviewer, runner, beta reader, kind of a consultant sometimes, and often a cook. And I consume media like a motherfucker. I churn through podcasts as I do other activities. I listen to audio essays as I cook and clean and exercise. And I listen to so much music.

In fact, on that last part, I am a production machine powered by music. Seriously. Music helps keep up the pace when I’m running through less mentally stimulating activities. I can get super bored without something to think about. Music, if it is fast, propels me forward. It keeps me from slowing too much from tiredness.

If I finish a writing project, I start on another one. I cannot afford to relax too much. Not when I am getting started.

And rest assured, I am only getting started.

So, hi, name’s Brandon Scott. I am plain looking. And I am another writer on the internet. And one of those damn millennials you’ve heard about.

But I also want art to save the world. So, you know, if you want the same, get creating. Let’s get this thing started.

And welcome to the blog.

Special thanks to: Bob GerkinCollin PearmanDylan AlexanderJerry Banfield, and Michael The Comic Nerd. 

Did you like the article? Dislike? Tell me about it in the comments. I would love to hear your opinions! If interested in specific articles, or want to write as a guest, you can message me at scifibrandonscott@gmail.com. If you want to help keep this blog going, consider becoming my patron at https://www.patreon.com/coolerbs. Thanks for reading!


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