Building A Book #2: So Much Red Ink

Seventy-eight pages left. Out of 517. I don’t even know how I managed it. Well, I mean, I do: slow and steady. 11ish pages a day. But still: wow.

So, yeah, as an update to the last “Building A Book” article, I am now deep into doing the physical copy revisions. I’ve had one red pen throughout the whole thing and scribbled all sorts of instructions to myself. Continue reading

Tighten Up Your Prose: A Quick How-To Guide

You wrote a story? Great job! Some people don’t even get that far as a writer. 

But now that you have a first draft, it’s time to work on making it a clean piece of art that will entice readers.

“How do I do that?” I hear you say.

Well! I’m glad you asked! With my patented style guide you can make your fans drool from their eyes with the sheer grace of your delightful…. Continue reading