Halloween Flash Fiction: Halloween Eyes

Among the shelves, I was not sure I saw it. I glanced, and I glimpsed the piercing eyes of yellow and darkness. But, only for a second, and that made me hopefully unsure.

Because it would not be the first time I saw something I could not possibly claim was real. It would not be the only thing I was sure, in the moment, but only in the moment, I had seen. Continue reading


Flash Fiction: Teatime In A Curious Place

A story with some characters you may be rather familiar with…

Teatime In A Curious Place

“I really don’t feel like being logical at the moment dear. Could you return when I’m in a better mood?” the man says, smashing a few tea cups with his cane. Continue reading

Flash Fiction: Plague Ground

So microfictions are fun, and a nice reading snack, but I prefer something a bit more…hearty.

So, with that in mind, I’m bringing back the Flash Fictions! It has been a full month since I last wrote one, and I’m glad to be back at it!

So let’s celebrate with a flash fiction about fear and disease. A tale of an elderly woman, titled:

Plague Ground

Children are…a sickness. Continue reading