A Matter Of Perspective

Well, that’s a pretentious title. But I mean it this way: the world is beautiful. Interlocking pieces and ideas and complex words and agreements and dreams made real. I am not an optimist, but like everyone that looks up at the sky, I cannot help but wonder how deep the rabbit hole goes.

Take a person and see a massive complex organism of nerves and blood. Then consider the internal dreams of a human being. The social connections. I believe in a spirit, a soul, to a person—and that’s another layer. Continue reading

Ideas Versus Plot Versus Characters

Upon looking over a bunch of stories, I figured something out which kind of makes me get what I am trying to do with my writing, and what causes some of my shortfalls.

And that is, I like stories around an idea.

Now, I don’t mean that as an implication that stories often don’t have an idea behind them; I mean different stories have different priorities. Continue reading

“Where Do You Get Your Ideas?”

I’ve talked about how there is a set of statements people will say that piss off writers (and it to some extent applies to all creative people). But, there exists another set. The ones that do not make someone upset, but just kind of baffle. Like, you think to yourself: “how could someone ask such a question?”

And perhaps the main one of these is “where do you get your ideas?” Continue reading

No, You Will Not Run Out Of Ideas…

…As long as you still bother to live a life outside your art. It’s an important caveat. Because, well, yeah, if you just sit and write and write and never experience any other media or any other life you will run out of ideas, probably.

But otherwise, don’t worry about it. You will not dry up—you will not get lost. Believe it or not, finishing the first draft of a book is a freeing experience. Once you know you can write one—you can write another. And you’ll know what kind of ideas will sustain a story. Continue reading

On Inspiration–And What To Do With It

An interesting thing happened to me on Sunday night, and in my attempts to be more personal and open with you guys, I thought I’d share it with you.

I became inspired. I met inspiration. The taskmaster and–though often not permanent–companion of the working artist. And like a bomb blast in my head, a story came to me. Continue reading