A Smattering Of Favorite Books #3 (Horror Edition)

It’s more than three months till Halloween, but that does not mean I can’t indulge in a little of the dark and the twisted.

Because after all, as my long time readers already know, I am a big fan of the macabre.

So, hide under your blankets, pull out a flashlight, and fear for your life, because this is a smattering of my favorite horror novels!

“The Devouring” by Simon Holt


  • Why I Love It: Honestly, the premise alone was enough to get me. A race of creatures that fill up a person, and banish them to fear dreams? Symbolic fear dreams no less? Sold. Bring me that book now. Throughout, there’s just this feeling that the author threw every dark thing he had into the story, creating imagery that seems like a mix between Alice In Wonderland and A Nightmare On Elm Street.  
  • Favorite Quote: “…No one can see it, the life they stole, your body’s here but not your soul….”
  • Read This If You Like: Disturbing imagery, and creative monsters.

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Monthly Mentions: April 2015

This month has been a tad hard on me.

But there was still a lot of cool stuff I came across.

In fact, I have a whole list of them.

Favorite People:

Favorite Bloggers:

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