Netflix Quest #3: Torchwood

The Rift is a temporal anomaly, a rip in the fabric of the universe, where all manner of weird things can come forth: the lost, the unhinged, the trash of the multiverse.

So of course, I spill out of it, emerging– blurry eyed–in Cardiff, Wales of all places. An interesting location to be sure; having the highest concentration of aliens in the entire hemisphere being only one of its appealing qualities. But I was not here to meet the locals. No, I had eyes for only one man. A man of infamy around the bars frequented by the Judoon. A man who was known for only three things: his unstoppable libido, dashing good looks, and the strange condition of immortality. 

He’s also the only person in this century with a time machine. His is a crude device to be sure, but it was only a means to procure a more suitable ride later.

He was opposed to the idea, of course, and certainly did not appreciate me shooting him in the head. But my goal was so close now, and I was not going to let the Torchwood Institute stop me from claiming my prize.

And you thought Doctor Who was a dark show.

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Bow-Ties and Goodbyes

For a Whovian last Christmas, it was a time for celebration and festivities…….and soul crushing sadness. Because as of that Christmas day, Matt Smith stepped down from his perch and welcomed the new Doctor to the show.

If you have been a fan of this series for long enough, then you know that it was inevitable. The Doctor that you have come to love, will always leave. Be it from radiation poisoning, or from simply a lump on the head, the Doctor always says goodbye.

I remember it well, when Christopher left the show. He was my first doctor and I was not aware of the process of regeneration. You can imagine the shock when I saw my new favorite character just suddenly die. Taking the whole of time and space and trying to hold it, just to save Rose Tyler. Hurting him almost as much as it hurt me to watch it. Leaving me in a lump of emotions, staring at a dark screen. Continue reading