On Death, Orlando, And Family

I stopped blogging for around ten days. I declared a hiatus. I took a break. I don’t do that lightly. And, well, it wasn’t a light thing. It was…dark. I went out of town.

This is personal, and I’m a little uncomfortable being this open—but I was at a funeral. In Chicago. The place I used to live, before I came to Florida.

We knew, my family and I, that this might happen. I’d been dealing with the knowledge in the back of my mind for more than a month. That someone I love might die. Continue reading

Flash Fiction: Hunting Range – Part 2 or 3

The action continues…with the second part of Hunting Range!

If you haven’t seen the first part, join in on the dystopia thriller by clicking here: PART 1

For everyone caught up, here’s part 2!

I don’t think about my destination, only about the line I walk. I keep moving from side to side with skittering, random steps; left and then right, a lurch every time I feel a bead being drawn on my back. Continue reading

FLASH FICTION: Ramblings of a Dead Man

So, another week, another flash fiction.

It seems that I cannot break this habit. Though, honestly why would I want to?

So here is my newest story,  this time written without a contest to guide me.

A spur of the moment idea. I hope you guys like it.

So let’s go….I present my latest piece….

Ramblings of a Dead Man Continue reading