Ads and More Ads

They were not kidding when they said it would become hard to find time to write when you started to see some success. My Actually Author series is going pretty well (I’m at 974 orders!) and I spent a lot of time on ads.

A lot.

Like, it’s probably around 10 hours a week just working with ads, calibrating and optimizing them, and turning off the bad ones. I’ve grown accustomed to sitting and just looking over lines and lines of numbers.

Honestly, when I want some downtime, it’s a really calm and easy project to work on—so I find myself just passively messing with ads.

Thank god I enjoy it, though. Because it’s a big part of book marketing—and it pretty much always will be. If you want to be a successful indie author, you’re likely going to have to do the same. The number of books out there is too massive not to use everything you can to get yourself seen.

Special thanks to: Melissa Potter

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