Poem: Denied Outside

Despite it feeling,

In the suburbs at least,

That the outside is not too bad,

Looking out—seeing the sun—

For the moment,

Outside is not what we have.


The world outside our door,

Contains diseases,

And sometimes it feels like it contains nothing more.

That the second we breathe another person’s air,

We’re in trouble,


Infection so near.


But again the sun is shining,

There are more animals than before,

And it’s hard to see the effects,

Of a virus so tiny,

But making the world so very poor.


Isolation was self-chosen at first,

But now enforced,

Trapping inside all of us.

And for some,

It’s becoming,

And became,

Very much too much.

Stir-crazy people,

Running around unsure in very tiny places.


When we finally all go back outside,

To our stores and our shops,

It’ll feel dreamlike,

But maybe we will find,

That we appreciate much more it being there.

Special thanks to: Melissa Potter

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