Advertising Is Hard, You Guys

As an author, I am bullheaded. And the latest thing I’ve been slamming my noggin at over and over is getting my advertising to work. I’ve published 3 books so far, and, as a very small author in a very large pool, I know that the only way that anyone is going to know about anything I write is to advertise, either on social media or in person or through paid advertising.

And, as you can imagine, the paid one works the best. But wow is it a “pay-to-play” game. I can burn through quite a bit of money before I even get an idea of what might cause a return on investment.

But you want to know the exciting thing? I’m getting a breakthrough. It’s tentative and choppy and spurting, but I have seen people buy my book that don’t know me. They are not blog readers; they are not friends or family; they are not someone I actively talk to on social media: they are random people who saw an ad for my book and bought it.

And I realize one or two sales this way isn’t a big thing, isn’t a monumental shift in how I live or write—but these small victories are what get me to publish books.

I’m an established copywriter—writing articles is my main job and I absolutely adore it—but I also want success as an author. I want it to be a real source of income.

Not a replacement. Not a whole lifestyle. I like all my jobs: but authoring means a lot to me.

It actively seems to boost my productivity.

When I know someone, truly, without bias, wants to read my book, it propels me to get another book out—to give some future fans something to enjoy.

I love creating—this blog is a testament to how much I am willing to do for free—but it is nice whenever creations earn me money.

It’s really, really nice.

Special thanks to: Melissa Potter

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