Poem: The Worst Headache Ever Achieved

A simpering,

Slide through the soft,

In the skull,

Along the jaw,

Making the eyes,

Burn and twist,

Deep into the mind,

A corkscrew,

That’s covered in slime,


And feverish spittle.

Down to the legs,

It makes the muscles spasm,

The spine tight,

And across the nose bridge—

Spikes a fucking chasm.

When you can’t think—

It’s the anthem of the mind,

Tearing a seam.

It will arch,

Lightning sharp,

To limbs and thought,

And make the stomach bubble,

The legs into nothing,

Thoughts to sputter,

And words to unearthly shutters.

Nothing cures, a headache, dear,

Nothing will stop that splitting down to the ear.

The skull will rupture,

And out shall spread the fear.

And leave the person feeling,

Like they need nothing but to sit in the dark,

Blink on and off,

And sink into that slurry,

That is the feeling in their head.

Crack the neck,

Pop the disc,

Send a shiver,

Drop into sleep abyss.

The headache still waits.

To suck the fluid from another day,

With the split of a mind.

If you fear—

Got that fear—

Then you may as well—

The headache is here to stay.

Life causes it.

Energy sapper.

Brain zapper.

Scream into the void,

For the headache is a tool—

Only meant and causing,


Like a mind,

To be destroyed.

Special thanks to: Melissa Potter

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2 thoughts on “Poem: The Worst Headache Ever Achieved

    • Hey there,
      I actually have a backlog of poems that I sometimes draw from for posts–so they don’t always reflect what’s been happening to me currently. I don’t recall what caused the headache, but I think it was a seasonal allergy or a neck cramp.


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