Poem: Red Blinking Light

Sit there,

In this red room,

By screen light,

Double strewn,

Blinking monitors,

And data sped outwards,

A hub to that,

Which is drenching,

A monument,

To our new worship,

A notification playground,

A message flow,

Invade us all,

And see through each—

And every eye.

That narrows,

Aperture peering,

Into the mind,


Of those that trust,

This new overlord.

See into my habits,

And understand my actions,

By my voice,

You buy all that is,

Sold at a fraction,

Rush on tired bus drivers,

With a card,

And credit—

That false money—

I can change the world,



I want.

I am the hub,

The brain is processor—

The subroutines,

My lungs gasping,

My heartbeat a background application,

My location set to my own body,



Cool it down when my mind stops flowing.

Replace my parts,

And I keep going into this glorious upgrade.

Entertain me—

For that’s all I want,

Make me more efficient,

So, I may use you more.

Automate my life—

And make me never bored.


Do away with distance,

Only the data cap,

And the electrical resistance.

Shall dictate my speed,

And stretching influence.

By red room—

Server box.

I become a god.

And I make worlds.

Special thanks to: Bob GerkinCollin PearmanDylan AlexanderJerry Banfield, and Michael The Comic Nerd. 

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