Stuff I Keep Hearing

I have bad days, sometimes. We all do. And, when I do, I try to—I don’t know—channel it toward something, at the very least. Turn sadness into anger, turn frustration into motion, somehow. It helps I walk a lot, it gives me an outlet (you really can outrun certain problems, believe it or not) but, ultimately, what makes me happy is making other people happy.

An inspiring speech, oddly, works wonders for the sake of my own morale. So, well, let’s go do such a thing, even if I’m distracted and riled up from a day that did not go as I planned.

Now, I eavesdrop. I hear stuff. People also seem to like to tell me personal stories: I guess I am easy to talk to in person. And, well, from many sources, I hear issues that I share. You all know I am not a fan of platitudes, so while I will not offer supposed solutions, I can offer a perspective that shows you are not alone.  

“I hate the way I look.”

Hey, I lost a hundred pounds. Do you want to know the first thing I see in the mirror? It’s not how skinny I now am: it’s the bags under my eyes and the loose, hanging skin around my midsection and arms.

“I do not have enough time.”

I say this, like, every day. I’m so busy it is frustrating. Some particularly bad situations I only get out of because of what appear to be acts of some deity or pure luck. Canceled plans, man, they save my ass sometimes.

“I wish I could eat like that.”

Hahaha…dude, yep. I get that one. People can have PIZZA and not be destroyed by it. That shit is unfair as fuck. Booze with no hangover? Fucking lucky fucks. I miss sandwiches some days…but bread can get bent and die.

“That seems like a cool show, but I’m already watching something.”

Stranger Things season 2, Jessica Jones season 2, Altered Carbon, Rick and Morty season 3—I’ve been meaning to see all of those for like the last year (except, obviously, Jessica Jones season 2, that’s a new one). If I go into the anime side of my “to watch” list, I may just cry.

“I didn’t get enough sleep.”

Sleep? What is sleep? Ha-ha. No, but, seriously, I am busy as fuck and if I must sacrifice something, guess what the very first thing will be? I’m sure you can relate. Why do you think I  am now big on caffeine?


Need I go on?

It’s okay, my friend, reader. We are all going to end up in sucky, silly situations. Life can be a bitch, can’t it? It’s an experience, a whirlwind of something that might resemble logic, but only barely.

Maybe, doubtfully, it will make sense one day.

I don’t know. I doubt it.

What I do know, is I had and will have shitty days, and recent ones are a little less shitty for having written something helpful down and imagining someone on the other side of the screen laughing and agreeing and feeling better. Even if that does not happen with a single real person, the idea of it is enough to keep me going.

And, sometimes, just being able to go forward is the most important thing.

Special thanks to: Bob GerkinCollin PearmanDylan AlexanderJerry Banfield, and Michael The Comic Nerd. 

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