The Season…For Sneezing

Somehow, I always forget I have hay fever. I’m not sure how it slips my mind because it fucking sucks, but, recently I went outside and then sneezed—then sneezed again. And again. That was when I remembered. Ain’t allergy season fun?

Florida is not a place where pollen is in short supply. The trees are trying to kill me, through sneezing, and itchy eyes that get all red when I try to make the feeling go away.

Now, old me might have had a good solution to this: don’t go outside. I was overweight for a bunch of reasons (I mean, technically, I am still overweight—just not obese) but one of them was I spent all my time reading, going on the computer, video gaming, and watching anime and television. But, now, I go outside, I walk; I am a social introvert: I like to hang out in small groups when I can.

And, so, I get a face full of this stuff all the time. And, thanks to my social drinking during the holiday season, my liver was not doing great, and, fun fact: your liver helps slow down issues like hay fever. So, for a few days, it was awful.

The funny part is that I don’t have much of an issue until after I am back inside after running/walking. Sure, I sneeze a little out there, but it’s like the pollen is waiting, patiently, for me to be in my comfortable home, safe-feeling, and then wham.

And, so, though I am not an expert: I will end this odd little rant with some advice for any other sufferers of this awful shit. Don’t itch your eyes, drink water, and always blow your nose if you are having a sneezing fit. Oh, and obviously, if necessary, see a doctor. Mine is a mild case of the stuff and I don’t much need to—but don’t endanger yourself. I mean, do you really want to say you were done in by a freakin’ tree?

Special thanks to: Bob GerkinCollin PearmanDylan AlexanderJerry Banfield, and Michael The Comic Nerd. 

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