Poem: What’s Left

I’d forgotten about you.

I took you, put you in there.

That closet. Shut away.

What did you even feed on while you were there?

I gave you no more bitterness.

No more sorrow.

How could you still even exist?

Nightmare skin, now a shriveled corpse.

My own personal skeleton in a closet.

How are you even still alive?

“What you…needed me?”

No, I never did.

The one thing you never had, was time.

You sat in the immediate.

I guess that made the closet worse for you.

I guess you didn’t like being in the dark.

Perhaps, the me that had you…

That me would have been cruel, given the chance.

Especially when you deserve it.

“What? I am a part of you.”

The same way a cancer is part of cells, yeah.

So many days spent staring and crying.

I couldn’t dance when I had you.

I wasn’t confident. I wasn’t like what I like about myself.

How is that part of me?

“We all have flaws.”

Did I say I did not?

I’m an idiot, sure. But, perhaps, my biggest dumb move…

Was letting you exist for the time you did.

My looks may be bad.

Might be my breath too.

But I can cure that. You aren’t worth that.

You aren’t anything—literally.

A void in a human soul.

I’m glad you live in there.

If only to remind me of what I lost, and how much better I am.

“You…you are cruel.”

Yeah—what of it? Someone, you, you deserve it.

I am nice.

I am kind.

I am courteous and all of that.

But, I am not those things because I am expected to be.

I am because I am. If I feel like being mean—then, by the nature of being kind…

That must mean you deserve it.

If you were a person, perhaps I would think deeper than that.

Because like you said…

I am not perfect.

But, I am much better when I am without you.

So, and here’s the kicker:

Fuck off.

“Nice people don’t talk that way.”

How would you know?

Special thanks to: Bob GerkinCollin PearmanDylan AlexanderJerry Banfield, and Michael The Comic Nerd. 

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