Flash Fiction: Broadcast (Part 1 of 3)

(Due to some time distortions, and several Gods, I am getting this out to you a little late. Hope you enjoy it all the same, and I should be able to get thing back to relative normal soon.)

Somethings should not be on camera.

I call this story:


“Are we live?”

The light shined weak against the skin.

“Yeah, this is live. We’ve got…ten viewers already.”

“Okay, wow.”

“Getting a clear image is hard. The camera doesn’t like it.”

“No, I’m betting it doesn’t.”

The egg-like bulbous shape was two hundred feet high. A sickly green and rotting gray surface. Hard, almost crusted layers. An occasional fleshy protrusion. The whole thing smelled like death.

“Can we get a better view of it?”

“How close do you want to get?”

“Not close. But we need better footage. We just hit a thousand.”

“People are noticing then.”

Yeah…people are noticing. There are too many comments to read, already. It’s too quick.”

“Dammit. That’s good.”

The two people had voices, but they were small in the wake. The majesty. All the heat. All the gravity. Most of the sound. This large piece of matter ate at the energy in the room. Making things weaker, just by its presence.

“Damn right it’s good. But we got to get closer.”

“Are you sure, this is working already. We don’t need more than this.”

A drop of liquid, from far up above, plummeted and plopped on the ground. Puddles ranged over the earthen surface. The floor absorbed it slowly, with a faint sucking sound. The two stepped along on the spongy ground.

“Yeah…I’m really sure. This thing is so cool. Can we scale it?”

“…you want to touch that thing?”

“We came this far, didn’t we?”

“I don’t like it. Something’s off about this place. Do you hear something?”

The first of the explorers opened a pack and pulled free two hooks and climbing gear. Prepared for anything this duo was. The weak flickering lights made the metal of the pointed spikes shine.

“I think I heard something. But not anymore. It went quiet.”

“Dude, are you really going to touch it?”

“I told you. We came this far. I want to video all of it.”

“Fine, let me hold the camera though. I don’t want you dropping it.”

“How long have I been filming for us? You think I’m going to drop it?”

“Just give it.”

“Fine, here. Smile for the feed, we got around a million now.”

“A million!? Shit…”

“Hope there weren’t any kids watching.”

“I don’t care. We’ll be getting revenue or something for this.”

(Continued in part 2)

Special thanks to: Bob GerkinCollin PearmanDylan AlexanderJerry Banfield, and Michael The Comic Nerd. 

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