Flash Fiction: A Picture’s Worth

“No, come on, will you please look at this?”

If the term cold shoulder was literal, she would resemble an ice princess. As it stands, she’s wearing a fire red shirt that hugged her upper body as hard as I want to most of the time.

“No, Kevin. We’re not doing this. That machine…what you do…it’s not healthy. When did you even last go outside?”

Trying to not let her notice, I roll down my jacket sleeve and look at my skin. If light hit that, I’d probably blind someone.

“Well…it’s been awhile, I’ll admit. But you know how important this device is to me.”

“Yes. Yes I do.” She keeps her back to me, and lets out a long sigh. “Important is definitely the right word for it. I remember when other things were important to you.” Continue reading