Flash Fiction: Christmas Wishes

Little Billy had a Christmas wish. In point of fact, he had several. Several little things he’d like.

He had a friend named Sarah, whose hair he thought was pretty. It was nothing more than that. He was too young to love her, to think her a crush. But he did think her hair was pretty. So he wished for similar. For his head to have as nice a blond look as her.

And so he did. When Christmas day came around he found inside his gift a wig, which he proudly placed on his head.

Now, Little Billy was a popular kid. He had many warm friends. And some of them also had things he wanted.

He had a friend name Kyle, whose feet found sports easy and quick. He could make so many baskets that Little Billy could not. And Little Billy was, admittedly, a bit jealous. Just a little. He wished he could run and jump so well. Continue reading