Flash Fiction: A Bit Of The Future – Part 1 of 2

From days far-flung forward, I give you dear reader:

A Bit Of The Future


“It won’t hurt a bit.”

Syringe inside my arm. A cold steel table. The doctor walks out of the room, tossing his gloves into the disposal on his way out.

My body goes numb, and limbs flop onto the surface of the table. The harness tightens, and the whole thing moves horizontal to the floor. My head lurches forward until a strap straightens it up. My eyes are so heavy….

“Well look at you.”

Huh? What was that? My eyes feel…granite. Something in front of me. Twin blue orbs, way too wide to be human.

“Hahaha. Wow, you’re late to the party, bub. Getting this surgery now? What has your life been like? Enjoy being slow?”

Ugh, that voice is irritating. My mouth is dry. I think my heartbeat’s slowing down. I push my eyes open through the sand and the burning. God fuck, I’m tired.

There’s…piping all the way up into the ceiling, and stuck to it is this ball, hovering in front of my face. A friendly little white mouth mimics speech, and the blue eyes dart.

“Name’s Jimmy, what’s yours?”

I mutter some swear. I think I’m drooling now.

“Oh I’m sure. Well nice to meet you too ‘Bastard’. I hope those drugs are making their way through your system. I’m going to rip out your adrenal glands and it’s going to hurt otherwise.”

A pair of one-armed bots moves forward, treading on something I can’t see.

“Meet my assistants: Betty and Harry. Old couple going way back. What was it again? Two thousand eighteen, right? God, so long ago. Almost seven decades. Any who, they’re going to help me with the surgery. I just thought you ought to see them, you know, before you go into a coma.”

I taste something plastic. I can’t tell if I’m breathing.

“Just another minute, don’t worry. It’ll be fine. I’ve done this, what…two billion and three times in simulations? Eighty-six times on real people.” The blue eyes pretend to blink, it sounds like a camera shutter.

“Only one died.”

Despite my eyes being still partially open, I keep only seeing black. And it’s moving into my head.

Something slinks down my throat, coated in sweetness and rubber. It’s a gentle breeze inside my fleshy abdomen. I gag on it, once, twice, three times. And then I’m gone into the bubbles of nothingness and echoing pulses.


Special thanks to: Collin Pearman, Dylan Alexander, Jerry Banfield, Michael The Comic NerdPulsatilla PratensisSuperGoof Media, and Zeony.

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