Trailer Talk: 12/17/14

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Christmas time is approaching and for most that means they aren’t going to be watching any new movies, but for the ones that do, it’s time to look at the upcoming ones.

With a Trailer Talk…

Starting with:

Big Eyes:

So, let me get this straight: this is a creepy drama, about artistic integrity and not selling out despite the benefits, that’s directed by the man who introduced me to the macabre and sparked my love for dark fiction?

You would have to actively imprison me to prevent me from seeing this film.

The trailer does start on a minor cliché, with her talking to a person off-screen that’s revealed to be a non-human, but despite that, it jumps over that bump and quickly launches into a narrative that is engaging to watch even in its shortened format.

As I type these words I am honestly tempted to go watch it again, simply because it’s an expert piece of cinema on its own, regardless of the film that it’s promoting. The acting was fantastic, the time period perfect, and the atmosphere flawless. I cannot sing its praise enough.

I give it a 10 out of 10.

But, the only bad thing about that…is everything that follows can’t possibly be as good.

Yet, who knows though? Maybe it will be just as good…

Into the Woods

Nope, not as good. Not even close.

This trailer feels…conflicted, internally conflicted.

Disney has lately been trying to create darker fairy tales, or at the very least subvert the stories that they, themselves popularized; but so far their efforts to do so have not impressed me, mainly because Disney’s image prevents them from going all the way with this sort of thing.

The trailer seems to be establishing a Gothic setting, but still seems to revolve around a “wish gone wrong” narrative. It feels like it is undermining itself.

So, in short, I don’t think this is going to be a good film, and it’s certainly not a good trailer no matter how many famous people they shove into the cast.

I give it a 3 out of 10.

Ugh, that may be the lowest score I’ve ever given. Well…up to this point we’ve only had dramas, so how about we try a comedy?

Inside Out

Alright, let me just get the obvious part out of the way:


Okay, good, glad I got that out of my system; otherwise, it would have probably tainted my ability to review this trailer, as I love Pixar movies with all my heart. I have seen every single one, and I love every single one.

Well, except for the Cars movies, but everyone’s allowed one mistake.

So, how do I feel about this trailer? I think it’s good, but not great. The jokes all seem to rely on some stereotype for the genders, and if the entire movie was like that, then I don’t think I would like it; but I have learned not to trust the early trailers for Disney animated films. Often, they make entirely new scenes just for the trailer, or vastly misrepresent the actual plot. For examples of this just go re-watch the trailers for Tangled, Wreck it Ralph, Brave and Frozen. 

So, I am still hopeful for the actual film, but since my score is based on the trailer alone, I have to give it only a meager 6 out 10.

Well, that ends today’s trailer talk, and this year’s new trailers. Here’s looking forward to another year!

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