David G. Mcdaniel: Two Types Of Readers

Hey, Brandon Scott here. I have a guest post from a friend of mine. He writes books. If you want to read those books, well, follow this link: http://www.teamstarangel.com/. He’s a cool guy, you should give them a look.

And once you’re done with that, let’s get to the article. Continue reading


Collin Pearman: Three Pathways To The Future Of Science Fiction

So, a little more than a month ago, I wrote a guest blog post for my good friend Collin Pearman, author of the excellent book “A Timeless Abandon“. In return, he wrote an article not only responding to my own, but going further on the topic.

This my friends, is that article.

Three Pathways to the Future of Science Fiction

As he often does, Brandon Scott got me thinking. Recently, I had the honor of having him write a guest post for my blog, on the future of science fiction as he’d like to see it. His one word for what he’d like to see? MORE. And he’s right, of course. More is what we most certainly need. But how? I present to you three pathways (principles?) to making this future a reality. First and foremost, we need to actually care about the future of sci-fi. Continue reading