Review: Thor the Dark World

My feelings about the Avengers have already been well established, so I will not go back into that. But the cool thing about the whole Marvel movie phenomenon is that they have many parts. The prelude to the movie was just an incredible as the payoff. We had four movies to prepare us for the first one. They were of varying quality, but were good movies. Sadly the worst of the four was the first Thor movie.

It was by no means bad, but I found it to be a bit of a let down compared to the others. The story was a bit removed from what I was expecting. Because most of the major plot happened on another planet/dimension it did not feel like it was part of the Marvel universe,

It mostly served to set up the Tesseract and Loki. Which of course was needed for the Avengers to make sense at all. Just a shame that a movie was sacrificed for the good of the whole.

So from this mind-set, I was not really that excited for Thor: The Dark World.

But I had forgotten one major factor. This time around, the movie was not in a vacuum. It did not need to introduce characters, or rules. It could just BE.

So it decided to be f***ing awesome!

Any bad will I may have had against the Thor franchise is gone. Not only did it have glorious fight scenes utilizing both the fantasy and science fiction elements of the source material. But it also got to set up the next Avengers, and still be a good story!

Josh, please sir, take a bow!

Okay so not all the credit goes to Josh Whedon. Due to the fact that I now sit through all the credits when I watch movies, you do see how many different people make these incredible movies happen. All of those people need to be thanked for their hard work. But following along with everyone else, I’m going to focus on the actors involved.


A lot of credit now goes to Tom Hiddleston

An actor who is so good at playing the villain that he may very well be typecast as one for the rest of his career. He has so much presence on-screen, he come across as genuinely threatening in some scenes.

I think he has a great future of villainous acting ahead of him.

Or possibly he may have a future in comedy, as his timing is so spot on that it may surpass Iron man in the funniest Marvel Movie awards.

Whatever the case, he made this movie.

In fact his characters also got a thousand times more awesome. The illusion powers that he very briefly used in the last movie at key points is expanded upon. He can not only create copies of himself, he can look like anyone he wants, (which leads to an epic cameo).

Also the nature of the world is expanded, the rules of how Asgard works are also furthered explained. In the first movie they say that they do not have magic, just technology that is so advanced it looks like magic. I did not really believe it, it just seemed like a crappy way to explain away anything they want. But in this movie you really do get a feeling for the science behind the magic.

The best examples of this are the villains.

They use lasers, and spaceships, and it is glorious! Anyone who is familiar will science fiction stories will understand what they are doing. It also helps that this time around, we as the audience get to hear about the origin of the villains. As opposed to the aliens that showed up in the Avengers, which are only now being slowly explained over in Agents of Shield.

But even with us understanding their origins they are still threatening. Not only are they stronger than a human, they also have some serious fire power. The highlight being a serum that turns them into a massive boar like monsters.

So in battles, with all of these factors meshing together, the movie is just an incredible medley of great things happening. With any given fight scene combining everything a nerd could want into fiery explosions and skull cracking goodness that would make Michael Bay jealous.

It is going to take some serious work on the Marvel team to upstage this one. If you have not seen it yet, I urge you! It is awesome!

Though one fair bit of warning, make sure to stay past the credits. I promise it will blow your mind…..

  • Score: 9/10
  • Rewatch Value: High

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