Ender’s Game The Book

Among sci-fi nerds of the bookish persuasion, there are many well-known classics to the genre. Such as the “The Time Machine” and “I Robot”. Influential and mega-popular these books set in motion ideas that were later repeated millions of times in other stories.

It seemed for the longest time that modern culture had abandoned this. Oh sure, there where various minorities of people who still enjoyed the comfort of a good book. But I personally was ready to give up on it. No one seemed to like books, or rather choose movie and TV over books.

Now I am not bashing either of those pursuits. In fact I plan on writing about it, I love both of those mediums, but I also will choose books. They all have their merits, and art is art after all.

Lately however, books are back. In a big way.

  • Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: 44 million
  • Hunger Games Trilogy: 50 million
  • Artemis Fowl Series: 21 million
  • The Mortal Instruments series: 24 million

All mega successful. Making money hand over fist. But in terms of  intellectual merit, none can stand next to the Sci-fi Epic Ender’s Game.

A sci-fi nerds dream turned into a book. It glorifies intelligence and is especially hits home with those of us that feel alienated. The shuts ins and the eccentrics. With a splash of rebellious towards authority that makes any teenager feel more powerful. Balancing internal monologues and multi-layered action in a clever and well-developed world.

It did not ever talk down to the reader, giving every detail of the life of Ender Wiggin and his relationship with his family and friends. Sparking controversy over just how, well brutal, it can be. No censoring, no hand holding, It shows the cruel world left in the wake of alien attack.

But of course the part of the book that everyone remembers about it, is the ending. An ending so intense in both meaning and scope that it shocked every reader. I would be scum if I was to spoil it here. Just know, it is worth reading the book just to get to it.

In short it’s a good book.

Then they made into a movie….

Dammit guys! This is why we can’t have nice things.

to be continued 😀


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