The List of Awesome People!

This is a list of awesome people. If you wish to become more awesome by proxy, you should go read/view their stuff!

My Patrons!

Bob Gerkin (Comic Maker)

  • Check out his Patreon Page! (Click Me)

Collin Pearman (Blogger, Author):

Dylan Alexander (Blogger, Editor, Director):

Jerry Banfield (Vlogger)

  • Check out his Youtube channel! (Click Me)

Michael The Comic Book Nerd (Reviewer)

  • Check out his Patreon page! (Click Me)

Pulsatilla Pratensis (Painter)

Thomas J. West (Music Composer)

Other Awesome People! 

Want to get on this list? Then consider becoming my patron at

5 thoughts on “The List of Awesome People!

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