Books By Me!

This is the big one: my first novel that’s entirely my own. Not an anthology; not a collection. A whole, complete story. For a long time, I’ve had an issue with “Chosen One” narratives. The concept annoys me. I am a bit of a contrarian. So, I wanted to take the trope down a peg. And, in the process of that, created a whole magic system and a character roster that I could write about forever. It’s truly my most ambitious completed project to date. If you’re a contrarian like me or a fan of dark urban fantasy, give it a look.

My favorite of the anthologies I’ve appeared in…you can find my ultra-silly stories of people with the most outlandish powers I could think of inside. From a man who can will himself to have a cold, to a woman who never loses—but only at very specific things—I hope I can get a chuckle out of you. I certainly got some out of myself.  

Oh lord, I went super meta in this. The rules were simple: I only had to kill a character named Jimmy within the pages—or have him already be dead. Nothing else set in stone. And, with that in mind, I went off toward destinations I did not expect. Fourth-wall breaks, in-jokes, and even some Easter eggs that only someone truly dedicated to working them out could ever figure. I had a lot of fun killing off Jimmy, and I promise you’ll have fun seeing him die. 

So much work went into this one. I slaved over getting the sentences, dialogue, and rules for the magic just how I wanted them. This is another anthology I’m in, but one that was really daunting. The other writers included have several years of experience in this series and I did not want to disappoint.